Stay tuned for the launch of The Bare Feet Podcast coming soon - sharing stories of Mickela's cultural exchanges around the world through dance and music PLUS the hustle that goes behind making this project!


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The Bare Feet Podcast

Get a taste for what's in store for Season 1 of The Bare Feet Podcast - Dancer, Travel, and Host Mickela Mallozzi shares conversations on the power of dance & music in the lives of everyday people.

Episode 1
Crazy Enough To Do This

Mickela's most common question she hears is, "How did you do this?" With an entrepreneurial spirit, Mickela gets very personal and shares her story on how she started this incredible journey through the Bare Feet TV Series. 

Episode 2
Dancing Classrooms

Mickela sits with Dancing Classrooms co-founder, Yvonne Marceau and Artistic Director, Rodney Lopez, to talk about the incredible impact that this dance program has had on its public education students!

Episode 3


Mickela talks with Radha Argrawal, Co-Founder of Daybreaker, the morning wake-up call feel good dance party that is hosted in cities all over the world!

Episode 4

Dancing In Killarney, Ireland

Mickela is reunited with dear friend and dancer Anne-Marie Nelligan, Irish Step Dancer and traditional Sean Nós dancer in Anne-Marie's own hometown of Killarney.

Episode 5

This Feels Like Home

Mickela meets with English language educator, 

Episode 6


Montreal’s European history translates to its traditional dances from France, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Episode 7

Dancing Dreams

The world-renowned ball season in Vienna, Austria emulates the ostentatious lifestyle of the 18th & 19th century imperial family, the House of Habsburg, with its traditional Viennese waltzes.

Episode 8

Kinan Azmeh of The Silk Road Ensemble

Mickela discovers the diversity and multi-faceted cultural history in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, from its Chinese, Indian, and Malay dance influences.


Episode 9

Queensboro Dance Festival

Mickela digs deeper into the Portuguese colonial influence and the indigenous tribal communities in the Eastern part of Malaysia as she celebrates Gawai, the Harvest Festival.


Episode 10

NYC Dance Parade

Nashville, Tennessee isn’t coined “Music City” for nothing – Mickela discovers the traditions of American music & dance in this vibrant southern city.