Episode 12
Dancer of the Year 

The annual Dancer of the Year Competition on The Cook Islands helps preserve and pass down the Polynesian culture on this island paradise.  Mickela goes behind-the-scenes at this highly competitive, local tradition.


The Cook Islands


1. Te Mire Ura - The Dancer of the Year Competition (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

This annual event covering three weekends in May show off the local dance (ura) from slow, story-telling moves to fast, show-stopping hip movements! Each weekend hosts different age levels, from the Golden Oldies Division (55+, including visitors to compete), the Juniors Division, and the Seniors Division.

2. The Mooring Fish Cafe (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

Eat the freshest and best fish sandwiches, caught by Captain Moko himself! His wife is the famous chef and owner of The Mooring. Arrive early, for when the morning’s catch runs out, the restaurant closes.

3. Raro Ink Tattoos (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

Tattoo Artists, Poly Tarai, has helped bring back the ancient Cook Islands tradition of tattooing, based on the wood carvings and rock carvings of his people. Tell him your story, and he will interpret it on your skin with his art.

4. Pacific Resort (Aitutaki, Cook Islands)

Treat yourself to luxury and splurge on the island of Aitutaki’s most private resort, Pacific Resort. Book a private bungalow with your own strip of beach that leads right out to the Pacific Ocean.

5. The Vaka Cruise (Aitutaki, Cook Islands)

Book a day trip on the Vaka Cruise for an incredible adventure in the Aitutaki Lagoon, a natural paradise! Music, a home-cooked meal, and snorkeling are all included, along with stops to the tiny inlet islands.  Don’t forget to have your passport stamped at One Foot Island!


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