Happy Holi!

Today was the Holi Festival in New York City, celebrating the coming of spring in the Hindu religion - a great excuse to go out and enjoy the weather!  I got some henna done, ate some heavenly gulab jamun (deliciousness covered in honey...I have such a sweet tooth!), and got some vibrantly colorful powder thrown on me!  During the Holi Festival, it's all about color - there were some mini powder wars happening throughout the day, and it was a little difficult to decide who actually won...see for yourself...

And of course, there were some fantastic dance groups featured - NYC Bhangra, co-sponsor of the event, got the crowd up and moving for the beginning of the celebration (got our blood flowing too...it was a little bit chilly in the shade).  Bharata Natyam by Malini Srinivasan and her school of dancers were very disciplined and precise - her younger dancers seemed only 8 or 9 years old, but most were extremely focused and proud of their talents - AMAZING costumes as well.  And the Sonalee Dance Studio dancers did a very energetic (and dramatic) Bollywood number!  Congrats to all of the dancers - great show!

For more videos on the Holi dance performances, check out the TravelBareFeet YouTube Channel.