The Havana Film Festival New York

Today I want to a screening of La Mitad at the 12th Havana Film Festival in New York.  The documentary was directed and filmed by Ben Chace, Bare Feet's own co-director of photography!  The film is a story about a father, Mario, whose own parents shipped him off to America when Fidel Castro came into power in 1959, and his son Andres, who yearns to rediscover the Cuba that his father hasn't seen in almost 50 years.  Andres, a close friend of Chace's, discovers his own sense of Cuban identity while trying to put together the leftover pieces of his father's childhood memories.  Beautiful film, beautiful story, great music, and definitely some humorous parts in what could be seen as a very sad and tragic situation.  Congrats, Ben! La Mitad's premiere at the film festival is also in collaboration with the ¡Si Cuba! Festival happening this month - musicians, artists, dancers, filmmakers, and more are performing and showcasing their works throughout the five boroughs from now until June.

The Havana Film Festival New York ends April 15th, so be sure to check out some films while you can!