Capoeira Roda

A group of people gathered in the opening corner of the Favela Cubana bar in Greenwich Village, NYC early Sunday evening with a pandeiro, a berimbau, and an atabaque - they immediately started a rhythm in synchronization, the leader singing a simple verse and the onlookers responding in similar fashion.  This is a Capoeira Roda, a jam session of musicians, teachers and students coming together and "playing".  Each sparring couple starts at the foot of the berimbau player, waiting for his approval to start their combative dance together. Last Sunday, the small bar hosted amazing music, dancing, capoeira, forro, and delicious drinks (the caipirinhas were AMAZING!), all for a fundraising event for the upcoming Vem Jogar 2011 Batizado (Capoeira baptism).

This video is a bit dark, but you can see how small the space was, and there is a huge crowd behind me clapping and singing along as well.  I love the fact that this is a game between teacher and student (the boy is only about 9 years old, I'm assuming the youngest person at the bar...)

For more information on Capoeira in NYC and for upcoming events, click here!