Rome at night

Like I said before, Rome is one of my favorite cities - walking around the cobble-stone streets transports you back thousands of years to a time we can only read about, and then of course, on the same block as a piece of Cicero's verse, there stands a McDonald's - classic.  Oh well, nothing is perfect. But the span of centuries in this one city is so vast, it really gets to me every time I come here.  Ancient Roman temples that revered the gods and goddesses were transformed into Roman Catholic churches depicting the lives of similar saints, which then included medieval tapestries of the regal families overseeing these lands, which then progressed to life-like statues from the Renaissance of homo-erotic lovers of their artist, that were then stunted by fascist architecture; it really is unbelievable.

And don't forget the graffiti.  Again, nothing is perfect.  Maybe Rome is going through a very, long phase (much like New York City did back in the 1980's) however I think most of the messages left behind are too political to fade as quickly as we might want them to.  But I guess this too is another chapter in Rome's long legacy of human remains.  The amount of history is overwhelming - as you walk through the streets of Rome, you realize how small and insignificant you really are in this world.  And it's a wonderful feeling.