Bollywood bachelorette surprise!

I was completely caught off guard a few weeks ago when Sarina Jain (a.k.a The Indian Jane Fonda) and her Masala Bhangra students at the Alvin Ailey Extension program surprised me with a full Bollywood routine in celebration of my upcoming nuptials.  Sarina came up with a very convincing excuse (which was partially true) that Fahad Kahn from Bhangra Empire (amazing Bhangra dance group featured on America's Got Talent) was attending her class that evening and I had to meet him.  Upon my arrival to the class, Sarina began to tell me that she and Fahad collaborated to come up with some amazing choreography that they wanted me to check out.  They had a seat ready for me in the front of the class to watch the whole performance - with a guy recording the dance on a point-and-shoot (I thought for posterity at the time), a fallen dancer, and then a strategically planned distraction from Sarina, the Bollywood bachelorette number was a complete success on so many levels - thank you, ladies, for letting me live my Bollywood fantasy!