The Dublin experience

Day 2 in Dublin: a day of sightseeing and the usual tourist stops along the way - Kilmainham Gaol, a controversial and political landmark in Irish history; the Guinness Storehouse, the home of the most famous beer produced in Dublin; and the Book of Kells, a scribed set of the first four Gospels composed in the ninth century.  All wonderful staples of Dublin city, and a balanced day of history and fun. (c) 2011 MMallozzi (c) 2011 MMallozzi






But I have to say the best part of our second day in the city was joining the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl.  Starting at The Duke, one of the 700 pubs in Dublin, this fun yet informative and very entertaining crawl begins with our hosts, two very talented Irish actors, performing a piece of Thomas Becket's Waiting For Godot.  With stops at four historical pubs, a stopover at the four-century old Trinity College, and an outdoor performance at St. Andrew's Church, we were given a wide variety of pieces from Dublin's literary giants.  But of course, this being a pub crawl, a pint was enjoyed at every stop.  Ending with a fun trivia quiz (forwarned at the introduction of the crawl), the vied prized of the official Dublin Literary Pub Crawl tee-shirt (and a single shot bottle of Bushmill's whiskey) landed at the visiting Chicago native, Bill.

(c) 2011 MMallozzi(c) 2011 MMallozzi






Now we head West - more to come!