Ringing in 2013!

Looking back to 2012 and seeing how monumental this past year has been for Bare Feet™, I can only predict that 2013 will be a year that will truly change my life and the lives of others around me.  Naturally, there is a sense of rejuvenation at the end of one year and the start of another.  You are given a clean slate, a time to start over.  But this year, I do not see it as a brand, new starting point – to me, January 1st, 2013 is a kickoff point, looking back at how far this project has come, and seeing ahead the limitless opportunities that continue to grow closer and closer to my reach. I am honored to have been recognized in 2012 by prestigious brands and organizations such as 101 Holidays for their Top 15 Travel Blogs to Follow in 2013, PureWow.com as one of their Spirited Women, Travel + Escape, Travelocity, Women’s Radio, G Adventures, and more!  And more is what I expect to happen – be ready for much, much more!

Some travel moments that really stick out in my memory are my preparations for Carnival on the Island of St. Thomas, connecting with complete strangers with the tango in Buenos Aires, clogging away on plywood boards in southwest Virginia, and of course learning the intricate bomba rhythms with musical master William Cepeda in San Juan.  All of these experiences drew me closer to people of cultures that I otherwise would have no opportunity to meet, let alone with whom to share these intimate moments.  These and all of my other interactions with people on my dance and music adventures have impacted me in ways that I can only describe as magical.  And with magical moments, you want them to go on forever.

In 2013, expect these moments to continue forward in a big way.  To 2013!  May my own two bare feet be ready to master the steps of the world, and may you all be ready to join me!  Happy New Year!

One of Mickela's favorite days in 2012 - exploring the Sunday Market at Plaza Dorrego in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina!

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