Join Mickela on our first Bare Feet™ Tour - May 2013!

Bare Feet™ is teaming up with small tour companies to offer the branded Bare Feet™ Tours, starting this spring!  Be sure to join us on any of these amazing tours, where you will experience first-hand the incredible dance and music of the cultures that Mickela features in the Bare Feet™ Series. We are extremely proud to offer our inaugural Bare Feet™ Tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico through Open Sky Expeditions, May 9-12th, 2013 - the tour includes private salsa lessons with top instructors, incredible live music sessions and performances, bomba and plena demos, and of course, some R+R at the beach and a trip to the island's natural rainforest.  For full details, click here;  please call 800.978.8890 or email to inquire about availability.

The tour will be led by founder and president of Open Sky Expeditions, Alex Ros, along with Bare Feet™'s own Mickela Mallozzi, and Puerto Rican Music expert, Juan Carlos Vega.

And of course, this itinerary is entirely based on Mickela's own experience in Puerto Rico - see for yourself how incredible your dance adventure can be with us!  We look forward to seeing you on the trip!