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101 Mickela Mallozzi on stage with I Giullari - photo by Bridget PalardyEpisode 101 - Dancing in My Italy (Minturno, Italy)

Mickela returns to where it all started, the small, sleepy, Southern Italian beach town of Minturno, where her parents immigrated from over 40 years ago.  She reconnects with her roots during the town’s biggest celebration, the annual Sagra delle Regne (Wheat Festival).  From rehearsing with the local troupe, I Giullari, to sightseeing along the coast, to then performing with the renowned group in the festival’s closing ceremonies, Mickela has an incredible journey of self-discovery.  From there, she decides to continue her journey through dance every place she visits.

102 San Telmo 1Episode 102 - It Takes Two to Tango (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Mickela gets up close and personal with the locals as she heads to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn the seductive dance of Tango.  She learns firsthand the Buenos Aires lifestyle and the dance moves that need no festive occasion to perform, just any day of the week that ends with the letter “Y”.  From attending the world’s largest tango festival to dancing on the city’s main stage, Mickela sees it all!

Ireland EP 1 Irish Dance coverEpisode 103 - Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland)

The Irish are known for their hospitality and also for their infectious music and dancing.  Mickela finds herself along the Wild Atlantic Way, discovering the island’s roots through its strong trad culture.  From there, she heads back north to the capital city of Dublin where she gets a personal take on Irish Step Dance from the world renowned dancers of Riverdance!

Mickela dancing at Asrlar SadosiEpisode 104 - Dancing in the Desert of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)

A fairly unknown location to most Americans, Mickela discovers what this Turkic gem has been hiding – a mix between Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Russian influences create a plethora of rhythms, moves, aromas and boundaries that Mickela has to conquer.  By starting her journey in the big cities of Tashkent and Samarkand, she ends in the desert of Navoi at the annual Asrlar Sadosi Festival.

111 CuracaoEpisode 105 - The Heart of the Caribbean (Aruba & Curacao)

The islands of Aruba and Curacao have a rich history, influenced by multiple cultures, languages, races, and religions – and these Dutch Islands directly reflect that true melting pot of people.  Mickela learns the traditional tambú and tumba, as well as making some new friends as she discovers the beauties of these islands.

Episode 106 - Italy’s Hidden Gem (Puglia, Italy)

Mickela heads to the hidden gem of Italy, the region of Puglia, to learn the ancient and seductive dance of la pizzica.  On her way, she makes a few stops in the country’s most iconic cities, finding the local flavors with the help of the Walks of Italy tour guides.

Tata Cepeda PR 2013Episode 107 - The Riches of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico is best known for its salsa, but that’s not the only dance that can be found here – Mickela discovers bomba, the traditional dance and music that originated in San Juan.  She also attends the world’s largest salsa festival and gets a little adventurous on the zip lines in the jungle!

Europeade Austria Group MM copyEpisode 108 - 50th Europeade Festival (European Folk Festival in Gotha, Germany)

Mickela attends the 50th Anniversary of Europe’s largest traditional folk dance and music festival, Europeade, hosted in Gotha, Germany.  With over 200 performing groups from every European country, Mickela gets a taste of Europe’s diversity in one, medieval German town.

109 Lumbee Powwow 02Episode 109 - Lumbee Dance of the Spring Moon (Robeson County, NC - USA)

Mickela attends the Lumbee Dance of the Spring Moon pan-Indian powwow in Lumberton, North Carolina.  Not only does she experience the more elaborate side of the Native American powwow, but she also dives into the culture of the Lumbee tribe and its tumultuous history through personal stories from its people.

110 MM dance Bali 2014 croppedEpisode 110 - Music, Dance, Art & Offering (Bali, Indonesia)

In the US, there is the famous phrase, “Time is Money.”  In Bali, it is “Time is Offering.”  The Balinese people teach Mickela the four important ways that they pay respect to the gods – through music, dance, art and offering.  And along the way, she takes in the natural beauties of this spiritual paradise.