Mickela Recognized as one of NIAF's Featured 'Italian-A-Day'

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) features Mickela as part of their Italian-A-Day Campaign - it is an honor to be recognized by such a prominent organization in the Italian-American community:


Mickela Mallozzi just might dance her way around the world. Sounds crazy, right? But not for this vivacious, high-energy New Yorker whose need to dance is making her an international sensation. With video cam packed, she started following traditional dances of ordinary people wherever it led her. “I had the idea for years,” says Mallozzi. “When I would travel I would seek out holidays and festivals [where] I would just start dancing with random people. I thought why not?” She started her Bare Feet™ project in 2010 at the Wheat Harvest Festival in her ancestral hometown of Minturno, Italy. “It was just an amazing rediscovery of my family’s heritage through music and dance,” she says. Since then, she has engaged in traditional dance in Bari, Rome, Venice and Florence. And she’s boggies everywhere from St. Thomas and Uzbekistan to Argentina and Ireland.