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Navoi, Uzbekistan

The Asrlar Sadosi Festival

Mickela attends the 7th Annual Asrlar Sadosi Festival in Navoi, Uzbekistan and gets her first taste of traditional Uzbek dance and music!

Minturno, Italy

La Sagra Delle Regne

The big day has arrived, and the whole Sagra Delle Regne festival begins with the sacred mass at church, followed by a long day of dancing and performing in the procession and on the main stage in the town's piazza. Mickela dances with I Giullari in the annual procession, and her last night in Minturno turns out to be an unforgettable one!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Life As A Porteño

Mickela arrives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and heads to her very first tango lesson at Zona Tango Milonga - it is love at first sight!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flamenco with Fusion Jonda

Mickela joins Fusion Jonda for a quick flamenco lesson at Bar Gitano in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Bari, Italy

The Talented Tour Guides of Walks of Italy

Mickela dives into the historically rich center of Puglia in the city of Bari, all with the help of the talented tour guides of Walks of Italy. She gets a quick pasta-making lesson from the ladies of the town, tries out La Pizzica (as part of the official Bare Feet® Tour through Walks of Italy), and then crashes a local party where music and dancing waits for her! #TakeWalks

Around the World

20+ Dances Around the World

Want to know what who Mickela Mallozzi is and what her Bare Feet® Series is all about? These highlights from all 13 episodes of Season One on NYC Life (PBS) have Mickela learning over 20+ different kinds of dances while visiting over 10 different countries!

Bali, Indonesia

Music, Dance, Art, & Offering

Mickela arrives in Bali, Indonesia, an island where honoring the gods takes place through music, dance, art, and offering.


The Heart of the Caribbean

Mickela discovers the dance, music and history of the island of Curaçao, featuring Elia Isenia (Queen of Tumba), Kombinashon Moderno, and more!

Dublin, Ireland

Riverdance & Irish Step Dance

Mickela finds the many variations of Irish Step Dance in Ireland's capital city of Dublin: from the intimate performance of "Jig: The Story of Irish Dance", to a private lesson from Riverdance dancers Padraic Moyles and Niamh O'Connor, to getting a more contemporary approach with choreographer Breandán de Gallaí.

Gotha, Germany

50th Europeade Festival

Mickela makes her way to Gotha, Germany to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the largest European folk dance and music festival, Europeade! She learns the dances from Hungary!


One Happy Island

Mickela is on a mission to find out what makes Aruba such a happy island! She not only sees the natural beauties of the island, but she also jumps in and learns the local dances and music along the way, eventually getting the chance to perform on stage in the Bon Bini Festival with one of the local dance groups!

Saratoga Springs, NY

The Flurry Festival

Mickela Mallozzi attends the 26th Annual Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs, NY where she gets her first lesson in Contra Dance. Along with making some new friends, she also gets a taste of the other styles of dance featured at the festival including swing, West African, Forró with Matuto, and even Techno Contra!


Mickela in the Press

Top Travel Destinations on Fox 5

Mickela Mallozzi, travel expert and host/producer of Emmy-nominated TV series, Bare Feet, joins Fox 5 WNYW's Ernie Anastos to share 2015's Hot Travel Destinations with New Yorkers.