Episode 3
Jeju Fire Festival

The Jeju Fire Festival in South Korea celebrates new life – with it comes all aspects of Korean tradition, beauty, and modern advancement. Mickela spans the South Korean culture from traditional mask dances to the ever-popular KPOP.


South Korea


1. SM Town Studios (Seoul, South Korea)

Transform into a K-pop star at this studio house in Seoul, and take a dance class with one of SM Entertainment’s top choreographers.

2. Bucheon Kimchi Theme Park (Seoul, South Korea)

Learn how to make your own Kimchi, Korea’s most famous delicacy, while experiencing the genuine Korean culture through a variety of activities and the beautiful scenery in Hanok Village.

3. Gwangjang Market (Seoul, South Korea)

The Gwangjang Market is one of the largest markets in Seoul - find everything from homemade goods to traditionally cooked foods.

4. Jogye Temple (Seoul, South Korea)

Located in the heart of Seoul, Jogye-sa Temple serves as the headquarters of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism where Buddhism has been taught for over a century.

5. Jeju Fire Festival (Jeju Island)

Jeju Island is the known as the Hawaii of South Korea - celebrate the arrival of spring in one of the country’s most energetic festivals by making well wishes for the new year.


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