Episode 4
Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Former war-torn Croatia is one of today’s top destinations. Mickela explores the dance and music traditions along the Adriatic coast in Dubrovnik’s 1,000-year-old city.




1. Lindjo (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Lindjo is a dance ensemble consisting of about 300 young people dancing and singing in original costumes. Experience the traditional culture and folk art of the Dubrovnik region through their impressive weekly performances in the Old Town.

2. Old Town - (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Located in the southern part of the east Adriatic Croatian coast with its historical core situated at the foot of Mount Srđ, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a late-medieval planned city that has preserved its urban character and unique city walls throughout the centuries.

3. The Moreska Dancers (Korcula, Croatia)

Come witness the 500-year-old art of The Moreska Dancers on the island of Korcula, the only island where Moreska is danced with real swords in its War-Dance form.

4. Cukarin - (Korcula, Croatia)

Treat yourself to one of the most well-known pastries at this popular sweets shop in Korcula.

5. Vila Koruna - (Ston, Croatia)

Feast on the local shellfish at Villa Koruna, situated at the Peljesac peninsula near the town of Ston, especially known for its oysters.



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