Episode 7
Montreal Then & Now

Montreal’s European history translates to its traditional dances from France, England, Scotland, and Ireland – Mickela gets a taste of this Old World feel at La Grande Rencontre Festival, while also experiencing the artistic modernity of this city. She also gets a first-hand lesson on dance for people with disabilities.


Montreal, Canada


1. La Grande Rencontre Festival

La Grande Rencontre Festival is traditional music and dance festival held annually downtown in one of the oldest theaters in Montreal - catch world-renowned musicians, dancers, and storytellers passing down the Quebecois traditions.

2. Church of the sailors (Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur)

Also known as “Church of the Sailors”, Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur belongs to the Catholic Church of Montreal and is located in Old Montreal.

3. Danse Corpuscule

Located in Québéc, Danse Corpuscule aims to redefine the limits and possibilities of dancing with a disability.

4. La Banquise

Offering over 30 types of poutine, La Banquise is a one-stop-shop for the best poutine in Québéc.  

5. Keroul and the Accessible Road (Québéc Region)

The Accessible Road offers a hub of attractions, businesses, excursions and sites that accommodate those with disabilities. Keroul and The Accessible Road aim to make Québéc accessible to all!


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