Episode 8
Waltzing in Vienna

The world-renowned ball season in Vienna, Austria emulates the ostentatious lifestyle of the 18th & 19th century imperial family, the House of Habsburg, with its traditional Viennese waltzes. Mickela dons a gown in celebration while also learning the knee-slapping traditions of Schuhplattler in the hills of Steiermark!




1. Stift Vorau (Vorau, Austria)

Founded in 1163 in the enchanting landscape of north-eastern Austria, Stift Vorau Monastery boasts ornate interior and intricate frescos with a beautiful and long history.

2. Moden Posch (Vorau, Austria)

With a wide variety of textiles, Moden Posch offers traditional Austrian costumes and fashionable clothing for all types including dirndls and lederhosen.

3. Elmayer Ball (Vienna, Austria)

Held on the last day of ball season (Mardi Gras), Elmayer-Kränzchen makes use of the exquisite Hofburg Palace where over 3,000 guests participate in this traditional, Viennese ball.

4. Schoenbrunn Palace, The Orangery (Vienna, Austria)

A remarkable venue with stunning architecture and beautiful gardens, The Orangery offers live concerts featuring Mozart concertos and Strauss waltzes.

5. Cafe Hawelka (Vienna, Austria)

Attracting politicians, celebrities, journalists, writers and intellectuals, Café Hawelka is one of the oldest, traditional Viennese coffee houses in the city.


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