2011 Recognizing Women Project

I attended a really beautiful dance performance last night with quite an interesting idea behind the project - it was Nathan Trice's 2011 Recognizing Women Project.  Mr. Trice's concept is to acknowledge women for their contribution to the community (whether it be the public community, or even their own family community) in times of adversity and challenge.  This idea was as close to home as it gets for the choreographer, as one of his pieces was based around his therapy sessions explaining his experiences with his own mother and the women in his family's history who faced true hardship and despair in life.

One of the opening pieces, entitled MOTHERS 2002, is a conceptual piece consisting of multiple solos on how famous mother's in history (including the mothers of Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus Christ, Hitler, and even Tupac Shakur) may have gone through the grieving process for the loss of their sons.  It was extremely moving and the interpretation that Mr. Trice conveyed was definitely a visual adventure.

A good friend of mine, Alessandra Giambelli, was performing in one of the most moving dance pieces I have seen in a long time, which was the last piece in the show, Their Speech Is Silver, Their Silence Is Gold 1997. I had goosebumps the minute the 10 dancers entered the stage - it was about a 20 minute long piece, and the instant you thought the dance had hit the climax - BAM! - it got even more amazing and guttural!!  Seriously, WOW!

Nathan Trice's 2011 Recognizing Women Project is running March 3-6, 2011 at the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts (1 University Plaza, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, NY).