Bagpipers, Stepdancers, and Shamrocks, oh my!

Today's 250th St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City was full of fun, green, and LOTS of bagpipes!  The precision of the marchers, the colorful costumes from the dancers, and the big smiles from the spectators (and some a little red-faced and glassy-eyed by 11am...) made me wish I was Irish!  And not to mention the first day of beautiful weather in NYC wasn't bad either. I have to say, the Irish Step Dancers (maybe average age was 9 years old) were adorable and did an amazing job - it's not easy step dancing for 4 hours and 39 New York City blocks, but they did it and they were great!  I took this quick video on the 38th city block...home stretch, girls!