Gypsy Dance Class

I finally took Julia Kulakova's Gypsy Dance class last night in NYC - I've been meaning to take her class, and to be honest, it wasn't what I had expected at all.  I felt muscles working that I never even knew I had!  The class started with very slow isolations and body rolls, feeling every single inch of the upper body - I was wondering how this translated into Gypsy dance - but in fact, it was the basis for the entire class.  Tiny isolations, multiple rhythmic movements (horizontal, vertical, lateral, and circular), all happening at the same time; that was the most challenging part of the class for me.  I think a few more classes, and I will definitely get the hang of it.  And don't mistake it with Belly Dance - different culture altogether (Romani vs. Middle East).  Thank you, Julia!

Julia teaches Gypsy Dance at The 92nd Street Y on Mondays at 7pm and 8pm, and at The JCC in Manhattan on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.  For more information, go to