George Condo: Mental States

I recently went to the New Museum in the Bowery to see the new George Condo exhibit, Mental States.  I saw it almost two weeks ago, but I think I needed that much time to process how I felt about the show.  At first, it looks like someone went ballistic with his paint brushes.  And then this reoccurring "character" keeps creeping into almost every portrait (and when I say creeping in, I actually mean the character is a bit creepy).  However, the main piece that is used for the exhibition's cover was my favorite (the clown with the wonky eyes and the crazy, no teeth, hobo face).  Another one of my favorite portraits was his piece that mocks the Renaissance period of the detailed painting style of a portrait of a holy cardinal (with the big, flat, red hat) and of course it is actually Cardinal Wonky-Eye-Hobo-Face back to haunt you. Pretty amusing.

Initially, I wasn't completely sold on his work.  But in retrospect, the more I think about his collection of pieces, the more humorous and entertaining the pieces become.  And they are definitely memorable, that's for sure.  I would love to have one of Condo's Roman-bust-replicas of Mr. Wonky-Eye-No-Teeth-Hobo-Big-Ears some day!

George Condo: Mental States continues at The New Museum until May 8th, 2011.  235 Bowery, New York, NY, 10002.  (212) 219-1222.