Yesterday, I attended a very interesting presentation at Parsons The New School for Design on a project called DREAM:IN which is intended to be a platform for people in India to realize their dreams.  So why dreams?  And why India?  By now, we all know that India, China, and Brazil are the largest growing economic markets today, however, this rush in growth and wealth is not evenly distributed throughout these states.  With population growth, infrastructures must also exponentially grow, along with healthcare, education, waste management, food production, and more.  Another major part of the growth is maintaining the culture and the centuries old traditions (which I am all about!).  So, what does this have to do with dreams?  People have dreams, and with more opportunity comes more possibility to fulfill ones dreams.  DREAM:IN's initiative started with 101 student volunteers traveling around India documenting over 2,000 dreams, and returned with amazing insight on what people need in order to live a life that they thought once could only be a dream.  So, now the challenges are executing the next steps.

The Language of Dreams from DREAM:IN on Vimeo.

What I was able to take from this presentation is that there are a lot of organizations that want to help countries like India (DREAM:IN will soon be launching in Brazil and other countries), however what to do next is still a huge conundrum.  If you are interested in volunteering and becoming part of the DREAM:IN team, contact iwanttodream@spreaddesign.co.in or go to www.dreamin.in