Catch-the-rabbit African style

Today I took an African Dance class with Mamadou Mbaye at La Luna Dance Center - he had such wonderful energy and I loved his explanations of each move.  For example, picking fruit from the tree and putting it in your basket.  You obviously need to watch what fruit you are picking or else you might grab a snake instead.  And if you don't look where you drop your fruit, you might miss the basket.  Another amazing move was hunting-the-rabbit.  We quietly walk towards the rabbit, spear in hand, after two steps, we pounce at the rabbit, the rabbit jumps in the other direction, we follow, turn and capture!  Then we feast on our dinner!  After hearing each story, the movements made sense and I suddenly felt more comfortable imagining I was picking fruit rather than just going through the motions he demonstrated.  Thank you, Mamadou, for taking us on a wonderful journey!