Long travel day

Well, I've finally made it to Tartu, Estonia!  I started in Milan,Italy, had a stopover in Riga, Latvia where I purchased some local candies to hold me over, and ended up in Tartu where the sun hadn't even set yet at 9:30pm when we landed.  It was the strangest feeling.  I took a walk around the neighborhood and found a nearby bridge to see cyclists and couples taking an early evening stroll (or in my head it felt like early evening...it was actually 10:45pm).  Not until the sun officially left the horizon did the fatigue of travelling all day finally hit me - your mind can play nasty tricks! Tomorrow is the start of Europeade 2011, Europe's largest folk dance and folk music festival, and I will be ready with my camera in tow.  I have already met a few dance groups on the flight and the bus ride over (one from Andalucia, Spain and another from Germany).  I received a whole press pack chock full of events to oogle over - it's going to be great!  Now I just need to practice some of my Estonian...aiytah! (thank you!)